Wearing just a necktie, Elza Alisha (a.k.a. Casey Nohrman) is a luscious picture who can't keep her hands off her buxom body. Her titties are a delight as she hefts their weight, and her meaty fuck hole is already set as she starts rubbing her clit. Splayed out, she masturbates for Jason X. to show him just how she likes it. When Elza finally invites him to join her, Jason starts by squeezing that ass and then pulling her in close with the necktie. He shoves his finger into her mouth to suck, then lets Elza drag him to the bed where she licks up and down his body. Jason is hard as a rock by the time Elza crawls down his body to take his hardon in hand and mouth to lick and suck him off. Crawling on top of Jason, Elza slides down on his stiffie to start riding him. She takes it slow and steady at first, but speeds up once Jason puts his hands on her ass to help her set the pace. Then Elza gets on her hands and knees so Jason can come up behind her and slam it in doggy style. The necktie makes a return performance as Jason uses it to guide Elza onto her belly for some hot rough sex. On her back, Elza spreads her thighs to give Jason all the access he needs to continue banging her. He sinks balls deep into her welcoming warmth again and again, lifting one of her legs high to open her even further. When Jason has ensured that Elza is well satisfied, he pulls out in time to nut all over her stomach in a final display of his rampant want for her.

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