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Ms. Nicolette Shea, the dean of an elite women's college, is willing to do anything to help her students succeed. Shay Evans, a particularly petulant student, has spent the majority of the semester sending dirty texts to her boyfriend, spending so much time sexting has put a real strain on her GPA. Ms. Nicolette knows the only way to get Shay back on track is to eradicate her hot, horny urges... and Ms. Nicolette's just the woman for the job!

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Quinton James is out for a walk when he hears his neighbor Sarah Banks calling for help, she's locked up in a cage! Turn out her boyfriend is cheating on her with an ex, so this ebony babe puts her big tits and juicy ass to work on her neighbor's huge cock for a little revenge!

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The new young secretary Eliza Ibarra at a commercial real estate company has a secret. She's having a torrid love affair with her boss Mick Blue, but they have to keep it secret so they arrange a secret rendezvous as they scout locations for the company.

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At the end of a long day, Osa Lovely loves nothing more than taking a luxurious, relaxing bath. After lighting some candles, filling the tub with flower petals and covering her eyes, Osa is ready to let all her tension melt away... until her sneaky new stepson Markus spies her in the bathroom and decides to get a closer look. Mistaking him for her darling husband, Osa invites Markus into the bath, an offer no sane man could ever refuse. Will discovering Markus' true identity stop the horny MILF from satisfying her sexual appetite?

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Kadence Marie takes her cosplay very seriously. So when this breaker of chains gets horny, she's the one taking her man up to the bedroom, whipping out her perky tits, spreading her juicy ass wide and fucking his big dick! It takes a fresh facial to satisfy this redhead.

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When her husband's away, brunette trophy wife Tiffany Brookes has nothing to do but sit outside in her bathing suit and soak up the sun, and word is getting around the neighborhood about this hottie's tanning schedule! When Tiffany reclines on a chaise and oils up her long legs, she doesn't realize Markus has sneaked into her yard to get a better view of the hot MILF in all her glory! He doesn't intend for Tiffany to spot him, but when she sees the sexy young stud, she decides to put him to work oiling up her back and then giving her the thick, hard cock she's been missing. Markus admires Tiffany's stunning body from every angle as he fucks her deep and hard, then sits back to enjoy the sight of her curves as she rides him cowgirl before blasting a huge load all over her face...right as her hubby gets home!

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Bumping into a hottie like Mia Martinez in nothing but a silky bathrobe and some panties is enough to make anyone's day! But this tanned babe lost her dog so the least she can get is help her print out some flyers. Only once she's back at Robby's place, she's getting all kinds of naughty, showing off pictures of her wet pussy and flashing her pierced tits! Before Robby knows what's going on, Mia is working her luscious blowjob lips up and down his huge cock, deepthroating as much as she can. With a leash tied around her neck, Mia bends over and spreads her juicy ass so Robby can pound her from behind. Completely dominated as she gets filled to the brim with big dick, Mia quickly turns around and swallows up every last drop Robby has for her!

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Candy Alexa has always dreamed about meeting a handsome stranger and giving herself over to him, so when she finds herself visiting a new city, she puts on her sexiest outfit and takes a seat at the hotel bar to let fate take care of the rest. When Spanish hunk Chris sees her sitting there alone, he needs to go talk to the stunning blonde, who confesses her naughty fantasy before leaving him with a smoldering glance and a key to her room. Chris catches up with her in the elevator, and the former strangers let their passions take hold, giving themselves over to the no-holds-barred erotic intensity that comes from knowing they'll never meet again.

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