Zoey Monroe is your horny wife AND your horny stripper

You idiot! What kind of a married man goes to a strip club, then leaves a receipt from it in his suit for his wife to find?! Well, lucky for you, your wife is Zoey Monroe, and she's not pissed about it. Hell, it actually kind of turns her on! All she does is tell you that you don't need to go to those dirty clubs, she'll be your stripper for you! See how dirty she can get herself when she peels off her outfit and starts wiggling her ass and shaking her tits for you. Not just that, but she gives you the champagne-room special... and you don't even have any cash on you! Not many strip clubs out there where you get a blowjob and a hot fuck for FREE! You've got a wife who doesn't even need sexy music or dollar bills to get down. But if you install a pole, she'll be all over that thing before she's all over your dick! (Video duration: 42 min)

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New girl Macy Mar is, poolside chillin' & poolside fuckin'

What does Macy Marx know? That her friend's house is empty and she can sun by the pool naked, AND masturbate freely! What does Macy not know? That her friend's brother Sean swings by every Tuesday to clean the pool! Well, today's Tuesday. So while Macy's all tits-out with her fingers in her pussy, Sean's walking in with a pool skimmer looking to clean up. And oh, does he! Macy's hot and horny already, so why not add some dick to the equation? And it turns out to be a big dick, which makes it that much better! (Video duration: 22 min)

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Pass Me Around

Haley Reed is off to an awesome party with a team of hot black guys. In the car, the tension is already insane and she's ready to get in some trouble. One thing she can guarantee is that she will be getting plenty of attention tonight.

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Testing My Limits

Lily Love has always taken pride in the level of professionalism she has. As a celebrity assistant, she is always under pressure but has never given in. But working for her latest boss, her limits are being tested to the max. When he asks her to arrange him some entertainment in the shape of a hot blonde, Lily sets him up with Mia Malkova, and it's time for Lily's professionalism to take a back seat for a while.

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Abigail Part 3

Shorter falls mean softer landings and now her job should continue, but first, after an encounter with the man who holds the money, Abigail Mac is so aroused that she will take any man she can. A client at the club she works in is her latest target along with anyone else who crosses her path, and it's not about the money.

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Internet Crush

Brooke Benz can't believe it, it is actually happening, she's hooking up with her favorite basketball player and she never really expected to receive a response when she messaged him previously. Now she is waiting for the time to come around and her sexy photos she is sending to him are really hitting the mark. When she arrives at his house, it's no time at all before she is doing everything he wants and so much more.

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Take My Girlfriend For Your Birthday

Riley Reid wants to do something special for her husband's birthday, she knows how to keep her man happy, keep the relationship exciting. Riley and her best friend Paige Owens are super close and when she puts the idea to Paige, she is totally down with it. Riley knows that her husband fantasizes about her and now is the time to make that a reality. Riley has always been attracted to the voyeuristic aspect and now she can indulge herself as well as her husband. What an incredibly Happy Birthday...

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Abigail Part 2

After her experience in the kitchen, they have been caught, and the job is done. It's time for the next job. A mature couple on their anniversary and the lady of the relationship has sent something a little special to her husband's room, in the shape of a new set of golf clubs. But Abigail Mac and Lena Paul are here to do a job, to end a relationship that needs help to come to it's conclusion, whatever the reason.

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Pushing His Limits

Maybe it is her strict upbringing, or maybe it was going to catholic school, but Bree Daniels has always had a fantasy about being punished, but that was all it ever was, until now. Her boss is exactly what she is looking for and all she can think about is what she wants him to do to her. A few times a month, she works out of his home office, and she knows this is opening a door to opportunities she would not get otherwise. The tension is incredible, and to make things even better, he is more stressed than usual, making it perfect timing.

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Teasing Toes

Cristal Caraballo's coming for you and there's no use trying to resisting that thick ass or pretty face. Get ready to rip open those sheer black pantyhose and enjoy her teasing toes...

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