You are hard working on your laptop when Kama Oxi comes in the room and gives you some documents. She says that she needs the report as soon as possible, but you tell her that you've been working non-stop and you need a break. She leaves, but very soon she comes back and propose you to relax with her. She tells you that you can be relaxed while she does all the work. What does it mean? That she is going to fuck you while you enjoy the travel. She kneels and starts to undress: she takes off her t-shirt, showing you her boobs. Then, she takes your hard cock and puts it in her mouth, licking it and giving you the best blowjob you've ever had. She rides you, and sensually, she fucks you. She turns around and, in reverse cowgirl style, you fuck her with fast moves. You have sex with her in missionary too, taking the lead. She gives you another blowjob for you to cum in her mouth. VR Porn video starring Nick Ross and Kama Oxi. (Video duration: 32:36 min)

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