Jax Slayher is working hard to fix Mila Monet's TV. He's a hard working man, doing honest, hard work just like anyone else. He calls Mila over to verify his job is done to her specifications. He turns on the TV, and the first thing that comes on are his old porn flicks! She's shocked! She can't believe what she is seeing! At first, he denies it's him, but she insists. After some cajoling, he admits that he may have made a few movies once upon a time, but he just doesn't want to get in trouble. Mila is still shocked, and impressed by the size of the cock on the screen. She needs to know what it looks like in person, if it looks so spectacular on TV! They make an accord; she won't tell corporate about his work performance, and he gets to fuck her. Sounds like a win-win! Starring: Jax Slayher, Mila Monet. (Video duration: 22:44)

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