Ashlyn Peaks told us what makes her wet. What sexually satisfies me the best is doggie style...or missionary. The type of foreplay I like is a lot of kissing and definitely ass slapping. One of my sexual fantasies is to have sex on a balcony. I am sexually assertive most of the time, but with the right person I can be sexually passive. I do masturbate, mostly in the shower so it's an easy cleanup. When I give blow jobs, I always swallow. I am not sure if I like anal or not. I have not done it in my personal life or in videos. I have never had sex in public. It's not something that I am personally wanting to do. My kinkiest sexual encounter was in college in the study room. He bent me over the desk and fucked me, even though there was an open door. ... (Video duration: 14:03)

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