Ana Rose is trying hard to study for her bio test, but her friend's brother, Tony Rubino, keeps pestering her. He claims he's trying to help her, but by the way he keeps inching closer to her, she knows he's got a few ulterior motives of his own. So she ditches him for the pool, where he ultimately follows her. And when she leaves the pool for the house, yet again, Tony follows her every move. Ana Rose can't stand the tension, so she finally tells him: "'if you admit it, you can hit it." Her words hit Tony like a brick wall. Did his sister's friend, the hot, young, leggy brunette just say he could fuck her? Ana answers that question when she takes off her shorts to reveal her perky ass and climb aboard his lap for a steamy fuck right there on the couch. Ask, and thou shalt receive! (Video duration: 26 min)

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