Chloe Cherry is an aspiring model in Los Angeles. After a successful casting she has been picked for modeling for a trendy young designer Jake Adams. She knows to advance her career in Hollywood she might have to choose some alternative ways. She doesn't mind that because she loves sex and it excites her to have sex with strangers she just met. So when Jake asks her to take her clothes off she just drops it without hesitation. As Jake kneels in front of her to take her waist measurements her hairy bush is pretty much right in his face. But she notices that he is more interested in staring at her beautiful red pedicured feet. She has heard through the grapevine that Jake has a big foot fetish. Seizing her chance she starts flaunting her big feet and wiggle her long toes. When she sees that Jake is totally mesmerized by her big sexy feet she puts it up on his desk to make it a point. She tells him that she can play with them if he wants to. Jake is always done for a hot footplay with a gorgeous model like Chloe. He starts to caress her toes and slowly remove her high heels. He starts to gently lick and suck on her long toes and worship her giantess feet. He is doing such a good job it makes her hairy pussy so wet. After he admired her soft soles he eats out her juicy vagina. She can't resist and takes his big hard cock and asks him to put it in her mouth and facefuck her until she drools all over and makes a mess. Once his cock was all lubed up from a lot of messy gagging she gave him a slutty footjob with those sexy big feet. Then she asked him to slide it in her wet pussy and pound her while sucking on her feet. When she was right about to cum her toes curled up making perfect wrinkled soles for Jake to lick on. Then he made her self suck her toes while fucking her hairy pussy. It turned her on even more so she proceeded to ride that throbbing cock to feel every inch of it. Then he bent her over and filled up her slutty cunt with his big hard cock. After having multiple massive orgasms this hot aspiring actress asked the famous designer to bust his load all over her big feet and long toes. She loves cum on feet because she can lick off every last drop of it while having a sensation of her soft tongue between her toes. Starring: Chloe Cherry, Jake Adams. (Video duration: 39:27)

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