With nothing much planned for the day, Clara Trinity lounges on her bed while browsing through her phone for something naughty to watch. Clicking on a video, the petite cutie starts to massage the sole of her foot, knowing that it's the perfect way to get her pussy wet and aching. Letting go of the phone, she starts sucking on her lavender-pedicured toes while rubbing her slit. Clara could not resist moaning at the sensation of her warm tongue against her skin, sucking on each toe and covering them with her saliva. Unbeknownst to the busy brunette in her bedroom, Nicole Aria is sneakily watching her from the stairs and can't help but want to join in on the action since she has a foot fetish too. Making up her mind, the busty sexpot with her high heels in hand slowly approaches Clara in her room, then drops the shoes. Startled, Clara stops what she is doing, embarrassed at being caught, but Nicole assures her that it is the hottest thing she's ever seen. The curvy brunette takes over foot worshiping the other girl, sucking, massaging, and licking the toes and soles, even trying to fit as much as she can into her mouth. Returning the favor, Clara gives the older tattooed babe the same treatment, licking between her French-tip pedicured toes before taking each one into her mouth until they're dripping with spit. Nicole strips off her pants, lays back, and spreads her legs wide for the Asian sweetheart to give her a much-needed pussy licking. Craving for attention, Clara takes off her cycling shorts to bare her shaved slit and plays with her small tits as she gets eaten out. The two foot goddesses end up scissoring while sucking and licking at each other's toes and feet before having 69 until they cum from the thorough and sensual actions. Love Her Boobs video starring Clara Trinity and Nicole Aria. (Video duration: 49:00)

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