In tiny ribbed gym shorts and a tight white tank top, petite Latina Lilly Hall stood by the pool begging her new professional trainer to work that ass out. Lilly wanted to get that bouncy ass nice and firm for her husband, who doesn't appreciate her ass as much she wanted. Her husband hasn't fucked her in so long and she needs to get worked out and get "tight and right." Her trainer took a long hard gaze at her bouncy, jiggly ass in her tiny gym shorts as she waved it around in his face, shaking it from side to side. Cardio first? Nah, we need to see that ass better. Pull down those shorts. Take a nice hard look at that bouncy caramel booty by the pool. Shake it some more and we can decide whether or not that ass is going to get a nice work out by itself or on a hard black cock. Special techniques will make your ass tight and right. Now, back it up and we'll drizzle some oil all over that perfect round ass. Lilly's trainer started rubbing in that oil with his firm black hands, feeling that juicy Latina ass shake and shimmer by the pool. That fine jelly shaking, bouncing back and forth in front of him, teasing his bbc out by the pool was too much for him to handle. Lilly's personal trainer began treating himself to some big handfuls of juicy Latina ass and pussy. Throbbing with desire, she couldn't wait to take in that deep hard black cock. She had to taste that BBC. Her braids bounced in her face as she jerked off that hungry piece of black dick meat and slathered it with her spit. That girl worked hard for that black man's cock, giving it the juiciest sloppiest blowjob he had ever seen. Grabbing that fine piece of Latina ass, he pushed deeper into her gorgeous frame. Lilly was finally getting the work out she so desperately craved and deserved. Spilling her wet juices all over that BBC, Lilly begged him to blast his cum all over that juicy Latina pussy. Her tits were bouncing up and down, shaking just like her ass out by the pool. She began rubbing her clit vigorously as he slammed that big black cock deep into her pussy hole. He pulled his wet cock out so he could rub around her pussy juices and feel her wet cum all over his hard shaft. Her personal trainer banged up against that sweet pussy until he blasted his thick, creamy load all over the back of that Latina pussy princess. Hope the hubby doesn't ask how her ass got so bangin'. Starring: Lilly Hall. (Video duration: 47:38)

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