Ann Joy VR has been trying to land a rich boyfriend for some time. She finally has a date scheduled with a suitable candidate and wants to make sure it goes well. Her date puts her up in a fancy hotel with concierge service. Since she does not know the area, the trusts the concierge and has him buy her some clothes that will impress her date. Waiting impatiently, she greets him with a rude attitude. She makes him stay while she tries on what he has bought. None of them impress her and she continuously belittles him until he has had enough of her lack of gratitude. To make matters worse, now she is late and blames him for the situation. He has had enough and decides to help her calm down. First, he silences her with a finger in her mouth and then he bends her over to spank her until she stops complaining. He tells her not to worry so much about her clothes. Her date is only going to want her for one thing anyway. Before she can protest, he fills her mouth with cock and starts fucking her face. Ann has never been with such a confident man. She finds that she likes it and that her pussy is wetter than she can recall. He takes full advantage of her aroused state, sliding every inch of his cock into her slick slit. She loves every deep stroke and the way he easily takes control of her. Lost in the feeling of an intense orgasm, she barely notices when he pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth. He orders her to swallow and she does it like a professional VR pornstar. Ann no longer cares about her date. She has found someone she longs to serve. (Video duration: 35 min)

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