Suzie wants to be roughed up and fucked hard in the ass. Like, REALLY hard. Hard untill her legs shake and her hole is battered open.But first she has to take the big cock in her slut throat, pushed so far into her guts he eyes cross and she gags. She loves it. Loves to be spat on and degraded.She drinks piss directly from the cock and catches some in a glass bowl. She drinks the whole load of golden fluid back and doesn't spill a drop. Its inside her for the scene.She also gets piss in her ass which is dumped over her face when she squirts it out into the bowl. It is her favourite!Her reward is a load of thick, white cum on her face, scooped into her eager mouth for a big swallow!... Featuring Toby Dick Studios and Stepsis Suzie (a.k.a. Suzie Sparkle). (Video duration: 45:44)

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