I came home from work early and, because I thought nobody else was home, I quietly went into the kitchen to have a quick tequila shot before anyone could notice. As soon as I downed my shot I heard noises from the living room. Apparently Jake and his girlfriend, Hime, had just arrived. I guess they thought they were alone because they wasted no time starting to have sex. Finding myself in this awkward situation, and I have to admit it was hot so I thought I'd just keep hiding and peeping on this sexy couple. Hime clearly wanted to have some kinky footsex with him but he seemed very nervous and shy about it. After a few minutes she had enough and walked off. I felt so sorry for him since he was just left sitting there looking defeated. I couldn't help but go to him and tell him that I overheard his conversation and I'm here to help him feel better. I also offered my help in making him comfortable at playing with feet. So I took my shoes off and lifted my foot in front of his face. "First you smell it," I said. You can slowly start to kiss and suck on my toes one by one, I told him. Then I my put my whole foot in his mouth. I could feel it, he was turned on. I can't lie, it made my pussy pretty wet too. But then Hime came back unexpectedly, probably wanting to make up with Jake, and caught us right when Jake was licking my soft soles and red pedicured toes. At first she threw a fit but Jake and I explained the entirety of the situation and assured her that it's not what it seems and I'm only here to help. I told her to use this opportunity to turn him into a foot lover. She agreed so I told Jake to show her what I had just taught him. He started to lick and suck on her feet and toes which she loved. It was such a turn on watching this hot couple have some kinky footsex. It was so hot I couldn't help but touch myself while watching. Apparently they saw me so they invited me to join them. I started by putting my sexy feet into Jake's mouth while he was getting a footjob from his girlfriend. Then I made out with her while Jake was sucking on our feet and toes. It was such slutty footsex and I was loving it. I gave Jake a footjob while his girlfriend sucked his big hard cock. Then she licked and sucked my toes and his cock at the same time. He fucked her from behind while I made her eat my juicy pussy. We were cumming so many times while fucking his big hard cock and worshiping each other's beautiful feet and soft soles. At the end he came all over our sexy feet. Cum on feet makes me feel so slutty...even sluttier when it's two pairs of feet! I think we all learned and benefited from this slutty episode. Starring: Hime Marie, Natasha Starr, Jake Adams. (Video duration: 51:55)

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