Grimy fella Logan Xander makes his See HM Fuck debut today, and seeing as his IRL GF is none other than See HIM Contract Star Valerica Steele I think we're required by law to pair HIM up with her. Anyway, after our above-average director Johnny Robins helps us get to know a little about HIM, Logan begins to strip from his FUCKING AWESOME sharp red suit ( THE ) and when that dick pops out of his See HIM boxers well, Valerica just had to toot on it a lil bit. Valerica then gets HIM all lubed up paying close attention to that big stiff prick via the reach-around. She smells licks and bites each of Logan's armpits and sucks on his nipples before allowing HIM to take a seat so she can get freaky with the feet Then it's time for Round 1 of the ass-eating as Valerica rims HIM while Logan is spread-eagle, then via the rusty trombone and a reverse piledriver. Logan returns all the oral loving that his asshole has been receiving by suckling on Valerica's coed clit. This is followed by Logan face-fucking Valerica in a very Very VERY sloppy manner Next, he positions her for some front and backwards piledriver deep-dicking, followed by a quick Round 2 of the ass-eating as Logan sits on her face. Valerica then hops on top for some amazon action until Logan takes total control. He hammers away at Valerica's cunt doggystyle and missionary, choking and slapping her the entire time, until he finally pulls out and dumps in her mouth As is the norm, we followed the IRL lovers into the shower to see how things went...and to watch HIM plow her one more time...Until Friday? and the next HM! PS ~ Make sure you check out the pictures for this scene, as we took some action shots AKA sex stills. If everyone likes them, we'll keep doing them!PSS ~ We do apologize for how late this scene was released and thank all of you for your understanding. See Him Fuck video featuring: Logan Xander, Valerica Steele. (Video duration: 54:16)

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