Sometimes, chilling with one's besties is enough to feel relaxed and lessen stress. Emma Hix and Blake Blossom sit on the couch while having their knees on their chest. They show their new pedicures to each other. Emma has a beautiful white French toenail design, while Blake has a gorgeous white toenail polish. The girls can't help but feel naughty and horny as they adore each other's sexy feet. Simply looking at them is not enough anymore. Emma and Blake start running their fingers around their sexy feet. They teasingly trace their fingers between their toes while showing off the beauty of their dirty yet still irresistible soles. Emma and Blake raise their feet, showing a sneak peek of their alluring butts and bulging crotches. Two is always better than one, but seeing four feet is way better than looking only at one pair. Emma and Blake let their feet touch each other. Just imagine watching these naughty hotties play around with each other's feet. No man can possibly resist the temptation of looking at them as they give each other the foot worship they deserve. Emma and Blake kneel on the couch, making their stunning butts pop out. The sight of their stunning assess, in addition to their beautiful soles, can make any guy want to fuck them right there and then. Emma and Blake stretch out their slender legs and rest their sexy feet on the coffee table. It is clear on their faces that they can't wait to enjoy each other's feet. Their beautiful toes are ready to be sucked, while their soles are truly worthy of an intense licking. Emma and Blake continue showing off their feet. Their faces radiate with anticipation as they wait in excitement for the intense lesbian foot worship that is sure to come. The sweet sound of their soft voices fills the room as they continue to have fun with each other while sitting with each other on the couch. Love Her Boobs video starring Blake Blossom and Emma Hix. (Video duration: 08:49)

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