Cosplaying is a common hobby among geeks. But it's also an effective fetish for horny people. Jewelz Blu is a German hottie sporting a white and light blue sexy maid outfit and a cat's ear headband. Beside her is the naughty Latina Xwife Karen, wearing a Harley Quinn cosplay. Both of these beauties are dressed in skimpy costumes, aiming to make any man's imagination go wild. The stunning pair are obviously aware of their charisma and do not show any signs of hesitation when using it to their advantage. Jewelz Blu and Xwife Karen can rock any character if they want to and even make a better and flirtier version of them. The duo's skimpy clothes emphasize their big tits and firm asses. Jewelz, whose hair is dyed blue, and tattooed Xwife Karen, with black hair, are really proud of their physiques. They are especially fond of their sexy feet. True to her chosen name, Jewelz Blu's nails are painted in baby blue nail polish. Meanwhile, Xwife Karen is donning fishnet pantyhose, and her toes are decorated with white lacquer. It's not hard to guess how much the two of them love pampering themselves to look even more stunning in the eyes of lucky studs. Jewelz Blu and Xwife Karen rub their feet together while giggling to themselves. They even make footjob gestures and wriggle their toes, wanting to seduce those who are watching them. No one can possibly resist the temptation when looking at these silly ladies. Their toes are just perfect for sloppy shrimping, their arches for a sensual footjob, and their wrinkled soles for lewd licking. The mischievous beauties keep rubbing their soles and arches together with smiles on their pretty faces. Any foot porn enthusiast will naturally go crazy at the sight of their naughty actions. Lovely babe Jewelz Blu and inked hottie Xwife Karen's feet deserve all the worship a man can give. Love Her Boobs video starring Jewelz Blu and Xwife Karen. (Video duration: 07:34)

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