Other ladies may feel uncomfortable if a man stares at them with lustful intentions, but not Valerica Steele. This gorgeous tattooed hottie with bright purple hair enjoys being the center of attention. Valerica knows she is sexy and hot, so she is not afraid to flaunt her alluring body. The inked beauty looks extra seductive in a purple sports bra that highlights the beauty of her bountiful cleavage. Her tight shorts make her plump crotch and round booty look more appetizing and appealing to the eyes. Valerica completes her attire's purple theme with white thigh-high socks and white sneakers with purple highlights. Valerica sits on the stairs before teasingly taking off her sneakers. Her sexy feet will surely smell irresistible after being inside her shoes while she works out. Just imagine the pleasant and arousing smell of Valerica's sexy feet. Wanting to show more of her feet, the tattooed babe takes off her socks. One look at her sweaty feet is enough to know that she is worthy of sensual foot worship. No man can possibly resist the temptation of licking her soles and sucking her toes. Valerica's white toenail polish gives her feet a dash of elegance. She wiggles her cute toes, showing that they are perfect for shrimping. The naughty hottie massages her sexy feet, feeling the sweat and warmth of her soles. She then puts her soles together before acting like she is giving a footjob to a stiff cock. The arches of her feet are perfect for a hard dick. It is not an overstatement to say that Valerica is capable of making a man cum hard using her feet alone. Valerica continues the sensual foot tease. She flexes her feet, making the veins more visible. The only thing missing on her feet at the moment is the warm and sticky load of a horny lad. (Video duration: 07:30)

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