The decision to marry someone, especially if the other one already has grown-up children, is difficult. However, such a decision comes easily to Vincent. He wants to marry Barbie Brill's mom. To celebrate their engagement, he plans to take the whole family to Paris. Barbie can't help but feel excited as the thought of being in France fills her mind. Before Barbie can enjoy her out-of-the-country vacation, she should learn how to speak French. Luckily, Vincent is willing to spare some time to teach his future daughter-in-law. Barbie doesn't want to have the lesson for free. She notices that Vincent keeps looking at her sexy feet, so she offers them to her. Without wasting any time, Vincent starts giving Barbie the foot worship she deserves. The bearded lad kisses Barbie's black-tipped toenail polish running his tongue between her toes. Vincent makes sure he kisses every inch of Barbie's arches and soles. The skinny blonde hottie can't help but enjoy the warmth of Vincent's lips running against her sensitive skin. Unable to control her lust any longer, Barbie touches the bulge on Vincent's pants using her feet. She then gives it a footjob until it is hard and ready for action. Vincent gives Barbie the pussy licking she desires before fucking her bald pussy in the spoon. The beautiful petite blonde gives Vincent a blowjob. She then rides his cock in the soles-up cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Moans of delight fill the room as Vincent and Barbie fuck each other on the couch doggystyle. Every thrust of Vincent's cock into Barbie's pussy sends them closer to the orgasms they desire. Vincent keeps fucking his fiance's daughter until he feels like cumming. The horny bloke takes out his cock and slides it between Barbie's feet. He then shoots out his warm and sticky load all over Barbie's pale and smooth soles. Love Her Boobs video starring Barbie Brill and Vince Karter. (Video duration: 28:52)

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