You are on vacation with your girlfriend Addison Vodka in a picturesque location you arranged for your getaway. Although you find yourself tense and preoccupied with unfinished business, she expresses a desire to unwind and relax. Sensing your stress, she gently touches your leg, suggesting she knows a way to help you relax. She says so while she touches your body putting a naughty smile on her face. She takes off your clothes and begins to masturbate you. She licks your balls while she jerks you off and then she gives you a blowjob, sticking your cock deep inside her mouth and playing with it with her tongue. Then she lays down face up so you can touch her clitoris and masturbate her. After that, she takes off the bottom half her clothes before sitting on top of you and fucking you in cowgirl-style. You keep having sex in different positions like missionary, reverse cowgirl and doggy until you cum. VR Porn video starring Danny Steele and Addison Vodka. (Video duration: 43:27 min)

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