The quarantine has been pretty hard on me financially. I'm three months behind on my rent and a few days ago I told my landlord that since I have a new job I'll be able to pay off my debt. Unfortunately it's not the case anymore because I already lost that job...I was late the first day. Then one day I was home alone and bored so I started masturbating. I had no idea that my landlord Steve had come over with a plumber to fix the clogged sink in the kitchen. While sitting in the living room he must have heard me moaning and, being the dirty old perv he is, decided to check it out. I was sucking on my toes and fingering my slutty pussy when I noticed him peeping from the corner. I jumped up and asked him "what the fuck are you doing there?!" He said he came over to fix the sink and he reminded me that, per our conversation a few days ago, I was supposed to be at work, not at home. I confessed that I don't have a job anymore but I'd be down to get naughty with him if he lets me stay a bit longer. Apparently I got lucky too since just like me, he has a foot fetish. He said he finds my giantess size 11 feet extremely sexy and did not hesitate before sucking and licking on my sexy long toes. I love to get my giantess feet worshipped. He took out his big hard cock and started fucking my soft soles. Then he turned me around and made me suck his cock while arching my beautiful feet. He bent me over and pounded my juicy pussy so good, I got to cum like the little slut that I am. He licked and sucked my pretty feet and toes while fucking me with his big hard cock. At the end he came all over my french pedicured giantess feet. Cum on feet makes me feel slutty. I'm glad that I've found a pretty fun way to extend my eviction ban. Starring: Bella Rolland, Steve Holmes. (Video duration: 38:46)

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