Juis Wild is streaming and speaking with her fans in her phone. She introduces her best friend, Brian Ragnastone (POV), and she announces that he is going to help her today... because they are going to try a pleasure egg! She shows how it works on Brian's dick, masturbating him. After seeing how much pleasure he is feeling, she gets horny. She takes off her clothes and rides him. They fuck in different positions: in cowgirl, seeing how her boobs go up and down; in reverse cowgirl, seeing her butt and how his dick stick into her; and in doggy position, grabbing her hips and butt; and missionary too, while she screams of pleasure. They have sex while they record all of it for the followers to watch. "I hope you enjoyed this live today", she says after they come... although it seems that they have enjoyed more! VR Porn video starring Brian Ragnastone (a.k.a. Brian Ragnastone / Max Born) and Juis Wild. (Video duration: 36:08 min)

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