Cutie Melanie Marie is a big fan of video games, and is always happy to kick some toxic gamers asses online. During a recent match, she found herself facing off against an unexpected opponent: her nerdy stepbrother. Neither of them realized they were playing against each other until Melanie easily defeated him and roasted him in a voice chat. After Melanie easily defeated this loser and roasted him in a voice chat, stepbro could only throw a report on her for cheating. Feeling humiliated, the stepbrother reported her for cheating and stormed around the house in frustration. As he passed by Melanie's room, he overheard her bragging about her cheating skills. He burst into her room and confronted her, but Melanie just taunted him and continued to play. Unable to bear the defeat, stepbrother says that since Melanie fucked him in the game, he could fuck her in real life. He takes off her sexy panties while she continues to play. At this moment, her pussy becomes so wet that she starts thinking her stepbrother can at least handle her lusty desires. He stripped off her panties and began to lick and kiss her wet pussy, driving her wild with pleasure. Melanie couldn't resist the urge to enjoy his thick cock, savoring every inch of it. Stepbro then slowly inserts his thick joystick into her warm and tight vagina and begins to fuck her doggy-style. Melanie's desire to blow him peaked at that moment. She first gently strokes his pulsating dick, and then caresses its head with her tongue. Next, she decides to jump on the stiff rod and ride it in a cowgirl position. Finally, as her stepbrother reached the brink of orgasm, he pulled out and came all over Melanie's tits and belly, leaving her covered in his hot, sticky cum. In the end, it seemed that Melanie's cheating ways had finally caught up with her, but she couldn't deny that the punishment had been incredibly hot. (Video duration: 29:36)

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