Petite cutie, Laney Grey, is home alone after her housemate Cody Carter and his girlfriend decide to go out for the night. Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity of being home alone, the beautiful brunette does her cam show in the living room. While Laney is busy with her live foot teasing routine for her followers, Cody comes home out of nowhere. His friend bailed out on him, so he has nothing to do for the rest of the night. Seeing Laney sucking her toes while wearing sexy blue lingerie and brown stockings is more than enough to make Cody want to have some fun with the blue-eyed beauty. After assuring Laney that there is nothing wrong with what she's doing, Cody musters his courage to show the gorgeous babe his lustful intentions. Laney is quick to realize that her housemate wants to have a taste of her body. She lets him suck her toes while she rubs her pussy. The cute brunette then gives Cody a footjob and handjob while teasing him with her naughty words. After seeing that Cody's cock is hard and ready, Laney gives him a sloppy blowjob before riding on top of him in soles-up cowgirl. Laney can't help but moan out loud as she cums hard while riding Cody's dick. The tattooed lad doesn't want the horny cutie to do all the work, so he fucks her hard in doggystyle and missionary. He tirelessly slides his cock in and out of Laney's hairy pussy while spooning with her until he feels like he is about to cum. Cody then pulls his cock out of the tight twat and shoots out his warm and sticky load all over Laney's sexy feet. The naughty slut cleans the creamy jizz on her long toes with white nail polish using her soft lips and warm tongue. Starring: Laney Grey, Cody Carter. (Video duration: 49:14)

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