Lia Lin enters the sauna where you are seated, the steam creating an intimate atmosphere. She sits across from you and begins applying oil to her legs, her movements slow and deliberate. Occasionally, she glances at you, finding you attractive, but she mostly focuses on her oil massage. Meanwhile, you struggle to hide your arousal, your erection clearly visible despite your attempts to shift and conceal it. Noticing your hardness, Lia giggles softly and blushes. She checks the surroundings to ensure you're alone. Then, with a mischievous glint in her eye, she comes close to you and removes her towel, revealing her body to you. As she stands in front of you, she touches herself while masturbating you. Then, she kneels and gives you a blowjob, licking your dick from bottom to top and sticking it in her mouth while she masturbates you with her hand. After this sensual foreplay, she turns around and you fuck her in reverse cowgirl. You keep having sex on the bench in missionary and doggy and, after going to the floor, she fucks you in cowgirl-style. In the same place, she masturbates you with both hands and you cum over her tits. VR Porn video starring Lia Lin and Michael Fly. (Video duration: 36:13 min)

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