An office is a place of work. However, this doesn't mean it is safe from lustful tensions between co-workers. Katrina Colt notices Milan's eyes light up with lust every time he looks at her sexy feet while they are working. Due to this, the gorgeous babe decides to do something about the sexual tension between them. She visits Milan's home with only one intention in her mind, and that is to let Milan do whatever he wants with her sexy feet. It doesn't take long before the horny duo starts actualizing their lust for each other. Milan gives Katrina a deep and passionate kiss before focusing his attention on her sexy feet. Katrina's black stiletto-heeled strappy sandals perfectly fit her sexy feet. Her bright orange toenail polish makes Milan want to put her toes into his mouth. Unable to control his lust any longer, Milan immediately gives Katrina the foot worship she deserves. Katrina can't help but smile as Milan sucks her toes and licks her soles. After slobbering all over Katrina's sexy feet, Milan lets her beautiful co-worker give his cock a footjob. Katrina plops on the floor to give the horny lad a sloppy blowjob. Wanting to experience more of Katrina's mouth, Milan face fucks her on the couch. Loud moans of delight fill the room as Milan fucks Katrina doggystyle. He also stretches out the gorgeous brunette's pussy while spooning with her. Milan didn't even bother completely removing Katrina's tight denim jeans while he fucks her hard on the couch. Not wanting to let Milan do all the work, Katrina takes off her clothes and rides his cock hard. Her big booty and natural tits bounce hard as she grinds on top of Milan in the soles-up cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Katrina continues humping on top of Milan until the lucky stud feels like cumming. He then pulls his cock out of Katrina's tight pussy before dumping his warm and sticky load on her feet. Love Her Boobs video starring Katrina Colt and Milan. (Video duration: 40:51)

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