Dee Williams is a hot mom raising her son Joey alone. His best friend Jake while waiting for his buddy to come home falls asleep on the sofa in their living room. Ms Williams got a text from her son that he is not going to come home for a few more hours because he is stuck at work. Ms Williams wakes up Jake and delivers the news. She tells him to feel free to hang out there until he gets back. She is about to walking away when she turns back and ask Jake if he would mind to talk about some sensitive topic about Joey. She reveals that she is worrying about him because he is sort of lagging on the dating game and it seems like he is more into jerking off instead. And he is doing that quite a lot. She knows Jake is kind of a womanizer and would like him to help her son out. So what's your secret Jake? She asks. Why are all those girls stick around? Well, I like to suck on their toes and it seems like they like it because they are keep coming back. Ah that's interesting. So you have a thing called foot fetish right? Yup, he replies. She reveals that she had a boyfriend in college who was into feet and she remembers it was a very pleasant experience. At that point this hot busty MILF is getting horny of the thought that this hot young guy would playing with her sexy feet. Jake quickly offers to show her some of his foot worship techniques that work so well with girls. She is totally into the idea and sits down in front of him so he can remove her hot black open toed high heel shoes to free her sexy red pedicured MILF feet. He starts massaging them which really turns on this slutty mom. He sucks on her feet and toes, licking her high arches. Her pussy starts to get really wet from all the sensations. She realizes that she is already touching herself and feels it would be better to take this to the bedroom. Once there, Jake eats her pussy and worshiping her feet before slid his big throbbing cock into her wet vagina. He is pounding this sexy mom with big tits in missionary position while she is self sucking her own feet. Then he turns her around and makes her sucking his cock while licking her soft soles and high arches. She is drooling all over the place as her son's friend facefucking her. Then he lays down so she can keep sucking his thick penis while feeding her feet into his mouth. She gives him a slippery handjob and footjob combo that he enjoys so much. This experienced hot mom gives him a really good time when she grinds on him with her soles up and when she comes all over his fat cock her toes curl up creating some beautiful wrinkled soles. Then he puts her in a spoon position where he can feel her feet flapping around as he squeezes her beautiful big boobs. Then he bends her over and fucks her doggystyle. She can't help but cum all over his cock again and again. At the end he puts her feet together above her face and bust his sticky load all over her feet and face. As she is watching the gooey cum dripping into her mouth she reveals she never knew that cum on feet is so sexy. Then she licks off her son's friend's nasty cum from her feet, cleans up her mess like a good housewife. Well Jake, you really know what you are doing indeed, so would you mind talking to Joey...? Of course not about what just happened darling. Starring: Dee Williams, Jake Adams. (Video duration: 44:49)

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