Lately I've been making good money as a video vixen. I was going to a music video shoot in Hollywood Hills set in a beautiful modern house. Or at least that was the address my agent gave me. I walked into the living room and I find this guy, Jay, presumably the assistant, working at the dining table on his laptop. I told him I am Halle Hayes and I'm here for the music video shoot. At first he looked as though he had no idea what I was talking about, but then coughed and said "Oh yes the video shoot." Then he said the artist just texted saying that he and his crew will be a little late and I should just wait for them. So I sat down in the living room and soon Jay asked me if I want to have a drink. Couldn't find a reason to say no so I said sure. We started talking and soon I started to feel my panties getting wet. He kept commenting on my blue pedicure and my big beautiful feet. So when I had a chance, I slipped off my flip flops and started to play footsie with him. I could tell that he loved it. So I slowly worked my feet up to his mouth and let him suck on my big giantess feet. He loved to lick and suck on my long toes. I was so horny I couldn't wait to suck his big dick. After slobbering on it and making it nice and wet, I gave him a slutty footjob. He ate my juicy fat pussy before sliding his big hard cock into my wet open pussy. Then he fucked me good and hard while sucking on my big feet and long toes. He fucked my big ass from behind. I knew he loved to watch my big fat ass bouncing around with my soles up. At the end he busted his big load all over my sexy giantess feet. Cum on giantess feet is so hot. Needless to say, in the end, the artist and his crew never arrived. Or maybe I went to the wrong address...? Starring: Halle Hayes, Jay Romero. (Video duration: 35:15)

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