Anna Loren was happy to toy with herself and just as happy to do it at SCORELAND with everyone watching her. What does she think about as she tingles and buzzes her pussy? She also watches herself in a mirror now and then while she's toying and rubbing and diddling. Guys don't do that when they rub one out but we can understand chicks doing that. I don't hesitate when it comes to masturbating, Anna told us. I was actually really happy when I got called back to the studio. She explained her batin' style. I just lay there and watch myself in any way or any position possible. Maybe I'll prop up a pillow so I can see myself better. I don't know. There's just something about it that turns me on. I mean, I'm not saying I turn myself on or anything. But I might be lying there masturbating and watching one of my videos and thinking, 'Wow, I did that!' And thinking of all you guys sitting at home, watching my video and masturbating, too...that would turn me on. ... (Video duration: 17:55)

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