My sister was out of town for a week and while she was away, she asked me to stop by her house a couple times to make sure her son, Jake, is ok. I decided I can actually sleep there for a night or two so I wouldn't have to make the drive too often. When I arrived, Jake opened the door and he was surprised; apparently he had no idea I was stopping by. I told him not to mind me since I'm going to take care of the household and for him to just go on with his day. Soon after cleaning and tidying up the house, I noticed Jake checking me out. It was weird at first because he is my nephew but it was actually quite flattering to be honest. The next day I decided to go out for some shopping. When I came back and stepped into the house, I l found Jake sniffing on my shoes that I was wearing the day before! They must have been quite stinky because I was wearing them all day and I know my feet were sweating like crazy. He was totally embarrassed but for me...well I thought it's so hot that he's into my dirty stinky feet. So I removed my black stiletto and handed to him, "You can smell it if you want to," I said. He couldn't believe I had said that but he took the shoe. At that point I was sure I wanted him to fuck me. I put my feet on his lap and just watched him stare at them. When he was literally drooling, I told him that he can have his way with them; smell them, lick them, and suck them. My pussy was soaking wet. He was licking and sucking my sexy blue pedicured toes. I couldn't wait to feel his big cock in my mouth. It had been a while since I had a huge cock in my mouth and down my throat. After making his cock so slobbery, I gave him such a slutty footjob that he almost came. His cock was throbbing between my soft soles. Then I told him to sit down so I can stick that big cock in my tight pussy and make myself cum while riding it with my soles up. He fucked me on my back while licking and sucking on my pretty feet and toes. It was the best foot worship I've ever had. I came so hard my toes curled up as he pounded me from behind. My wrinkled soles turned him on so much that he busted his load all over my sexy feet. Cum on feet is so hot. I hope my sister doesn't find out about this because I fully intend to do this again! Starring: Lilian Stone, Jake Adams. (Video duration: 37:26)

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