I was staying at my sister's house for a few days while I was in town. My nephew, Lucas, is one of those guys who doesn't do much all day other than play video games. My sister tried to talk to him a few times but with not much success. One day I came back from shopping and found Lucas playing some VR game in the living room. I couldn't help it, and for the sake of my sister, I decided to talk to him. I asked him why he doesn't go out and socialize with friends, or hang out with girls, etc.? He said he is too shy for all that. Hmm, that was the moment I realized I could really help him with a confidence boost. I was wearing tight hot pink pants and a tight white top that totally showcased my sexy curves. But even with my skin tight clothes, I noticed he kept looking at my high heel shoes. Most likely he is more interested about what's inside. So I slipped off one of them to reveal my sexy pink pedicured feet and toes. I had just got them done too, I could still smell the fresh nail polish. I slowly started to move my feet toward his leg and played footsie with him. I could tell he really loved it. I encouraged him to touch my feet if he'd like. So he held my foot in his hand, and I told him not to be afraid to kiss them if he wants. Of course he did and soon my feet were in his mouth; he was licking and sucking my sexy feet and toes. I got so turned on I told him to take his cock out so I can suck it and gag on it to make it nice and wet for a slutty footjob. His cock was throbbing between my wrinkled soles as he was feet fucking me. I told him to fuck me from behind so I can cum all over his cock while he watches my wrinkled soles and my curled toes. Then I instructed him to fuck me while sucking on my pretty toes and licking my soft soles. I had my big MILF ass bouncing on his hard cock with my soles up. At the end I gave him a footjob that made him cum all over my hot sexy body. He said he never came from a footjob before. I'm sure his confidence is on another level now...and I think I'd like to have some more hot foot sex with him. Starring: Lexi Luna, Lucas Frost. (Video duration: 44:22)

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