I just found out that my best friend fucked my boyfriend. The slut! How could she?! I was heading over to her house to tell her that our friendship is done. I knocked on the door, and to my surprise, her dad opened the door. I didn't expect him to be there since he's always at work. He invited me in and mentioned that he thought his daughter and I had been working on a project together. Obviously he was being lied to as well! As we walked inside the house, he asked me to take off my shoes. I wasn't wearing socks so I was hoping that my feet wouldn't smell. We sat down in the living room. After a few minutes I noticed him looking at my feet, and more than once. When I called him on it, he said his wife's feet looks so similar and mine just remind him of her feet. Apparently, she had the same pink color pedicure as well. In that moment I realized just how perfectly I can get back at my ex-bestie. So I put my feet up on the armrest so he can have a perfect view of my sexy soles. I started to wiggle my cute toes and sure enough it did the job. He was at the edge of his seat, eager to touch my beautiful feet. I told him to go ahead and just do it. I love to get feet rubs. So he held my feet in his hands and started to massage them. It was so hot looking at him getting turned on by my sexy feet and pink pedicured toes. I raised my feet to his mouth, and soon he was licking and sucking on my pretty feet and long toes. Then he picked me up, took me to his bedroom, and had me suck his big cock before giving him a hot footjob that he'll never forget. He fucked my juicy pussy but I still felt like I needed more. So I grabbed his cock and put it in my asshole. I had never felt such a big cock streching my tight little asshole like that. He was sucking on my feet and toes while pounding my ass. I never tried anal sex and feet sex together but I came so hard knowing my ex-best friend's dad was worshipping my feet while fucking my ass. After fucking my ass, pussy, and soles, he finally came all over my sexy feet and soft soles. I never knew cum on soles could look so hot. I think this was a great way to get back at my slutty ex-friend. Next step is to make sure she finds out about it! Starring: Nella Jones, Stirling Cooper. (Video duration: 45:12)

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